This programme enables you to complete a University degree via distance learning. You can choose to exit after level 4 (Certificate HE), level 5 (Diploma HE) or level 6 (BA Hons Degree). You will be studying the same programme as internal students at Spurgeon’s College, which includes units across the spectrum of theological, biblical, historical, pastoral and missional subjects. The degree programme is carefully constructed to deepen your knowledge and advance your skills as you progress through each level. It is challenging to complete a whole degree through independent online studies, but many students achieve this through a combination of ability and hard work, discipline and enthusiasm. Some of our students are just interested in theology as an academic subject; others have vocational aims as they seek to use their leadership gifts in churches and within mission contexts. Whatever your aims, why not give it a go? You might surprise yourself and enjoy yourself in the process!

Upon application students have to indicate if they want to complete each level in two years (60 credits a year) or three years (40 credits a year).

Full details of the structure of the course can be found in the BA Programme Specification.