The Study Skills Course

This is a short course which helps you prepare for the demands of academic study. It is set at access level and its purpose is to provide guidance and preparation for students who intend to begin study at Higher Education level. In the past this course has been used by prospective students of Spurgeon’s College and by those who intend to enrol in other Colleges for other academic disciplines too.

The course introduces you in a non-threatening way to the disciplines of reading books and writing essays and is based on New Testament studies. Because Distance Learning requires independent study, many students begin with the Study Skills Course to test out whether Distance Learning is an appropriate mode of study for them. Why not try it – you might actually enjoy developing your skills!


The content for this study skills course has been written by one of our online tutors and supplemented by material from internal tutors. It should take you about 50 study hours to work through. It is based around a textbook written by a retired tutor of the College.

The course has the following sessions:

1 The Big Picture

2 The Art of Reading

3 Reading a Gospel

4 Reading Acts

5 Reading New Testament Letters

6 Reading Revelation

7 The Elements of Writing

8 The Art of Writing

9 Remembering

10 The Discipline of Study

The content of the unit is very practical. Here is a sample of some content from the end of section 8:

“When you have finished your first draft leave the essay for a day or two and then pick it up and read it again. Some people read it aloud. This soon helps you to see where you have not said exactly what you intended to say so that you can clarify it, and to spot spelling mistakes which need to be corrected. Some people ask their husbands / wives / a friend to read it through and check it for clarity, coherence, and that it generally makes sense. You may need to make additions or deletions. What the essay must do is to address the question set – and not talk about other matters.”

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