Academic Malpractice Policy and Procedure (Jan 2016)

Academic Malpractice Protocol and Guide for Staff (Jan 2016)

Academic Terms of Reference

Admissions Committee terms of Reference

Admissions protocol – Master’s (UoM)

Appeals Procedure (Research)

Appeals procedure (Wales)

Assessment rules – PG (UoM)

Assessment rules – UG (UoM)

Assessment rules (Wales) 2014-15

Auditing Policy (June 2016)

Bursary Policy

Cancellation Policy July 18

Complaints Procedure (Jan 2016)

Conduct and Discipline of Students (Jan 2016)

Consensual Relationships Policy July 18

Credit cards Usage Policy

Data Protection

Disability statement and special educational needs guidelines – 2015

Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy July 2018

ETM Extensions & Mitigating Circs (June 2016)

Events Off-Site Policy (Jan 2016)

Extensions (June 2016)

External Speaker Booking Policy and Procedures (Jan 2016)

Fees BU students

Fees DMin 2011

Fitness to Practice Policy

Fitness to Study Policy

Freedom of Speech Policy (Jan 2016)

Grievance Procedure (Jan 2016)

Health and Safety Policy July 2018

Information Communications Technology Acceptable Usage Policy (Jan 2016)

Information Communications Technology Guidelines for Staff and Volunteers (Jan 2016)

Internal Room Booking Policy (Jan 2016)

Interruption of Studies

Joint Board of Studies Terms of Reference

Late Work Policy (June 2016)

Leadership Team Terms of Reference

Learning Resources Committee Terms of Reference

Learning Support Committee Terms of Reference July 18

Learning Teaching and Assessment June 2016

Length of Coursework (UoM) June 2016

Length of Coursework Wales with Amendments April 2016

Library Book Weeding Policy July 18

Library Usage Policy Nov 2017

Moderation Step by Step Feb 16

MPRIG Terms of reference

OL – Appointment of OL Tutors

OL – Quality Assurance

OL – Refunds

OL – Updating and Revising Units (June 2016)

Placement Protocol (June 2016)

Policy for Internal Programme Review (May 2016)

Policy on Handling of External Examiners’ Reports (June 2016)

PPSMG Terms of ref (June 2016)

Preaching Policy for Part-time Students (June 2016)

Prevent Duty Policy (Jan 2016)

Professional Subscriptions Policy July 18

Public Information

Quality Assurance Committee Terms of Reference

Remuneration of research supervisors 15

Research Degrees Committee terms of ref

Research Ethics Committee terms of ref rev Apr 2016

Research leave policy (June 2016) v2 LSC

Retirement Policy (June 2016)

Scrutiny Board – terms of reference (June 2016)

Second Marking and Moderation Policy May 15

Security-Sensitive Research Policy (Jan 2016)

Snow policy (June 2016)

Social Media Guidelines for Students and Staff (Jan 2016)

Special Cases Committee Terms of ref

Staff-student Liaison Committee Terms of ref (June 2016)

Student Attendance Policy July 18

Tuition Fees Policy (Dec 2018)

Training Group terms of ref (June 2016)

Unfair Practice Policy Wales (Jan 2016)

Verification and Appeal Procedure 2015-16 (revised)

Visa policy July 2018