Spurgeon’s College is committed to training men and women for mission and ministry. Set in 5 acres of beautiful grounds, Spurgeon’s can offer international students the opportunity to live and study theology in London, whilst being part of a confessional evangelical College community.

With an over ground station just 20 minutes walk away, students can take a direct 15 minute train to London Bridge and experience the numerous historic and iconic sights of the city, whilst knowing at the end of the day they can easily travel home to the safe community of Spurgeon’s College.

There are three options available

1. Semester Programme

Students come live and study at Spurgeon’s for one semester and take classes from our existing timetable, learning alongside our students who are training for ministry. The student would be able to have a bespoke programme tailored to their learning needs and interests from the units we offer for that semester. The students work would be marked and assessed to the same standard as our validating partner the University of Manchester and receive a full report from the College.  

Term dates

Choose from either our fall or spring term:

Fall Semester – 1st September to 31st January (term dates vary slightly year on year)

Spring Semester – 1st February to 30th June (term dates vary slightly year on year)


The Study Abroad Package costs £7000 per semester and includes:

  • Tuition Housing (single room) in a student halls of residence with a shared kitchen.
  • Airport Pickup and induction programme to help students orientate themselves
  • Bedding Pack Onsite
  • Bespoke tuition timetable of classes
  • Membership of our pastoral group and care system
  • Full access to our library of over 70,000 volumes

Additional Possibilities

We could if desired and subject to availability link the students with a local church or help them find other opportunities to experience church and ministry in the UK.


The student would need to fill in a Spurgeon’s application form for this programme and come with a brief reference from their sending institution.

The student would need to ensure they had the correct visa and travel documentation. Once Spurgeon’s had seen evidence of this and received the application form, we would conduct a brief skype interview with the student to ascertain their study needs and timetable.

Once the timetable of study has been agreed by the sending institution and Spurgeon’s, we would issue an acceptance letter to the student and ask for a non-refundable acceptance fee of £300

2. Summer school programme

From mid-July to end of August we do not deliver our normal ministerial training programmes, which means we can offer bespoke summer schools to groups around the world.


In the past we have run anything from 5 day to 21 day schools and are open to tailoring the school to the institution’s and student’s needs.


Option 1: Classes are delivered by Spurgeon’s College tutors in the morning on an agreed subject area or theme. Students are then released after lunch to go off into London for sightseeing trips. This has proved an attractive option as it combines the opportunity to study and experience England.

The classes can be designed to address your students study needs and intended learning outcomes, ensuring that the summer school adds to their learning enrichment.

Option 2: Classes are delivered by an institution’s American professors as part of their existing programme of study with planned excursions for sightseeing.


The summer school package would be tailor made to your group’s needs and your budget. Spurgeon’s can organise

  • Airport pick up
  • Appropriate excursion packages in London for your group, taking advantage of group discounts and ensuring you see the key sights.
  • Your catering and hospitality requirements
  • All classes and associated materials as required

Spurgeon’s will bill your institution directly and therefore we would only ask you to arrange the travel documents and flights for your students.


Our hospitality team and academic director would arrange a skype interview with you to scope out the shape of your summer school and understand your budgetary requirements.

A bespoke package would be put together with draft itinerary, costs and logistics.

Once agreed you can recruit to the summer school programme.

3. Research Trips

At Spurgeon’s we understand the importance of research and have tutors actively engaged and supervising research across a number of areas.

With a library of over 70,000 volumes, a heritage archive of original Charles Spurgeon material and a College site with easy access to London transport links, we can provide both research opportunities and/or a base to visit other places to research at an affordable price.